Eating on the Cheap


This is so well timed.  The month of September is Vegan Month of Food and Eco-Vegan Gal is doing a video series on how to be vegan on a budget.  (edit: try as I might to only upload the first video in the series, YouTube keeps changing it to a playlist.  It is showing the most recent video uploaded in the series).  Now let’s be honest, my food budget can be stupid, and it needs to be kept in check.  How much do I spend on food a month?  I have no idea, it could be $200 it could be $500 who the hell knows?  I eat primarily vegan, mostly raw low fat, mostly organic and 100% gluten free.  Essentially, I eat an expensive diet.  I’ve been trying to earn more money, but it’s not really working.  Maybe what I really need to do is spend less.


September first I’m changing my diet a bit and see just how cheaply I can eat.  This is what I bought for under $26.00:

IMG_0516Yay for the clearance section!  I got the apples, oranges and cookies 50% off. I’m thinking of making a big pot of chilli and a ton of beans and rice.  I also bought a bag of dried black beans, I have never made beans that weren’t crunchy, but I will figure it out.  It’s so much cheaper to buy dried beans, plus they have less crap on them.   Plus I have the CSA stockpile of potatoes, onions and beets to eat.