Last Week


I’ve gotten off my blogging schedule. Usually I post at 9am on Saturday and Wednesday, but this week I’ve been doing the fun stuff.

The week started with car troubles.  It’s a long story, but the car is running, and I live in denial that I need to fix anything.  I have decided what car I will buy next however it is 100% out of my budget. I’m thinking maybe I need a part time job…

Hot Yoga


This style of yoga came highly recommended to me by a friend.  She told me that it was yoga in a sauna room that was not very hot, but just a warm room.  When the class before mine ended and every single person came out drenched in sweat and mascara running down their faces I knew I had been lied to.

One hour later and I was raccoon eyed and drenched too.  I may be hooked.  In fact, I decided to ditch my gym altogether, I may have to do a blog post about getting out of my contract.

Waste of time dates.  One I went to one and I pulled a no show on another.  Date number one was a shittier version of his pictures online.  He was covered in dog hair and may or may not live with his parents.  As he walked me to my car I noticed something.  I was walking a slow pace for me, and he was huffing and puffing, 90 year olds are more fit than this guy.  He had a freakishly large head and reminded me so much of this Family Guy character.

Celebrity City

The other date was as secretive as an undercover spy but was cute enough that I was willing to put up with his artful dodging of my questions.  At the last moment he changed the date to a bottle of wine on his couch.  I suspect he actually had a girlfriend and didn’t really care who showed up at his house that night.  With no one else on the horizon, I may have to meet the guy behind the dumpster at the 7-11 after all.

I also went to the farmers market to buy from my grumpy vendor.  This week she was happy, chatty and offered to put aside whatever I wanted since she was mostly sold out by the time I arrived.  I also made a quick stop at a small business vendor event at The Elk’s club in White Rock.

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Things I Like

Itsy Bitsy Emporium

Itsy Bitsy Emporium


I bought this beautiful Buddha today from a lovely woman at Itsy Bitsy Emporium (  She imports stuff from Bali, and sells online and from her home.  I’m absolutely in love with so many items and will be back.  I wanted to share her store because some of the items she sells supports the fundraising for an orphanage in Haiti, medical centre and building a well.


My new Buddha is going to go in my garden for my garden yoga practice.




Crow Pose

I love yoga.  I love the challenge of a difficult pose and the incremental changes I can observe.  I love the meditative space and the feeling of a yoga studio.  I like being pushed further into a pose than I thought I could go.  I love waking up in the morning and feeling the ache of my muscles the next day.  I love lighting candles throughout my garden and doing yoga in my yard after dusk.  Crow pose is the pose I am working towards.  I can do it, but I can’t hold the pose and I my toes aren’t as high off the ground.  A few months ago I couldn’t do it at all, not even close.  Baby steps… I’ll get there.