Its Come to This


The Vancouver dating scene is tough.  I’m not sure it’s easy anywhere truth be told.  Why pay for a dating site when you can pay for results instead?  This lady has definitely received a lot of publicity lately, who knows if it will actually work for her. I definitely get her frustration with the shitty losers out there.

If you set me up with someone and the two of us go on five successful dinner dates, I will reward you with a personalized prize pack containing a collection of your favourite things as a token of thanks.

If your match and I become engaged, and I am in possession of a diamond ring you will receive the grand prize – a destination vacation package for one.

Destination Vacation Ideas:

  • Includes airfare, travel and accommodation to a destination of your choice (up to maximum value amount)

Given that no incentives are given out until 5 dinner dates have been had she isn’t likely to be spending much on the incentives.  If you haven’t figured it out in a date or two, the 5th date isn’t going to help.


Amonte Picante


This is the best drink I’ve ever had.  It was so good I took a picture of it.



Ordered on recommendation of my favorite waiter at the Yew in The Four Seasons, my mouth is watering just thinking of it now.  It didn’t occur to me that I could actually make this myself.  Tomorrow is New Years Eve and although I’m still feeling rather poorly, I think I will try and make this.  I’ll sip it in my pajamas as I sit on the couch under a blanket.

Amonte Picante

2 slices- English cucumber (chopped and peeled)

2 sprigs- Cilantro

1 1/2 shot- Tequila

1 shot- Freshly squeezed lime juice

1/2 shot- Agave syrup

2 dash- Green tabasco sauce

Muddle the cucumber and cilantro, add the other ingredients and shake with ice.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with cucumber slices.

Feature Creature: Bottom of the Dumpster


It’s been an interesting week of online dating messages.  All of them deserve blog posts on their own, but I’ve been too busy to properly string them along to see just how sideshow they really are.  It’s a never ending parade of freaks.


Just your typical 57 year old taking selfies in Kamloops motel rooms and sending me messages.  So gross.  Why would I want to date someone 23 years older than me?  I thought about telling him to go date an 80 year old (23 years older than him).  Instead I told him to get a life and blocked him.


Just your typical cuddly teddy bear looking for an angel.  Although he might be a nice person, the English in his profile was so bad I could hardly understand it.  I’ll summarize, he has no hobbies, no social life and really really wants to cuddle someone, anyone.  Guaranteed leach, escaping his chubby arms would not be an easy task.


This guy makes a living by collecting scrap metal, so essentially a dumpster diver with the posture of a wet noodle.  Lucky for me he’s 650Km away and he’d have to collect scrap for 10 years before he’d get enough money to hop on a greyhound bus to Vancouver.

Now don’t despair for me, there have been some half decent ones as well this week, they just don’t deserve to be blogged about.

The Parker

Aquarello Carnaroli Risotto

Aquarello Carnaroli Risotto

I will admit that this post is long long long overdue.  I had some other things that pulled me away.  I have a whole stack of posts in mind, and I promise to get back on schedule.

My sister and I finally made our way to The Parker restaurant last weekend.  It’s been on my list of restaurants to try for months and months and it was worth the wait!  The interior of the restaurant is pretty small and simple in a minimalistic slightly industrial way.  I honestly couldn’t describe it any more than that, I am too absorbed in the pictures of the food.

Confit Potato

Confit Potato

It must be my German-Irish heritage, but I love potatoes.  I hadn’t really eaten them for more than a year but I fell back in love this summer when my CSA box yielded so many.

Heart of Palm

Heart of Palm

I loved the amuse bouche of taro root chip and some sort of dip that reminded me of artichoke dip.  I could have licked the slate clean.  In contrast, the risotto (top picture) I didn’t much care for, but if I’m honest I haven’t tasted a risotto that I loved.

amuse bouche

amuse bouche

Now I must admit that this happened at the end of September which was my eating on the cheap month.  This meal didn’t exactly fit into the budget, but it was a really lovely meal.

CSA box week 12


week 12


Another killer box from my farmer.  Beets and onions went into the stock pile.  Tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and onion became fresh salsa which I put on beans, rice and topped with avocado.  The blueberries I was so excited for!  The last time blueberries were in the box I gave that box away because I was on vacation.  They were delish!  I’m always so sad when blueberry season ends, it’s a long wait until they are available again.  Luckily for me I bought 30 pounds of frozen blueberries to get me through the winter.  I had already stocked up on raspberries and bananas and wasn’t sure I could fit it all into my freezer at once.  It wasn’t easy, but eventually it all fit.

packaging up for smoothies.  2 cups per bag

packaging up for smoothies.

My freezer from last month:  40 lbs bananas, 30 lbs blueberries and 10 lbs raspberries

My freezer from last month: 40 lbs bananas, 30 lbs blueberries and 10 lbs raspberries

Back to the CSA box, butter lettuce was such a nice change from the endless red leaf lettuce.  I made lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, avocado sandwiches with gluten free Portuguese buns from the farmers market.  It’s been about 7 years since I’ve sandwich in a bun, gluten-free baked goods have come a long way.  Next week I think I’ll buy some more.  More carrots, some of these I juiced, the rest went into stir fries.  Finally there was kale.  I actually didn’t know what it was!  I thought it might have been some sort of collard, but it’s flat leaf kale.  It seems all I ever see in the stores is curly leaf kale, I figured that just how all kale was.  I chucked it all into my morning smoothie.

CSA Week 11

A massive box this week

A massive box this week

This week my farmer passed me my box and right away I commented how heavy it was!  There are some definite highs and lows here.

1. Leeks.  I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with these.  The last bunch I gave away to my dad and he hasn’t used those ones yet.  He’s not super keen to take more.  Suggestions needed.

2. Zucchini- I added these to the pile of zucchinis from the previous weeks and then realized I gotta start using them!  I spiralized half of them into noodles and made massive salads and I juiced the balance.  Wondering what I mean by spiralized?


I spiralize cucumber, zucchini, and carrots into noodles and either treat them like past noodles or do a noddle salad.  Change the texture of the vegetable and it’s like it’s something completely new and different.

3. Potatoes… added to the stockpile.

4. Gem squash – I haven’t used these, I’m waiting for the weather to cool and then I’ll bake them and then add them to a salad.  I’m not the biggest squash fan, I fear this is the start of many more to come.

5. Corn- again I chowed this down so quickly.  I brought the corn with me to work and was eating it at my 10am coffee break.  My co-workers thought it was weird, but why wait until lunch, it was as sweet as fruit!

6. Beans.  I polished off last week’s yellow beans in record time.  I was at a berry farm on the weekend and saw that they were selling beans for dirt cheap.  I didn’t anticipate that I would be getting more beans, so I bought a massive bag.  Fast forward to mid way through week 12 and I am still trying to eat all these beans.  I should probably have made pickled beans, and will probably regret it later.

7. Tomatoes- All of the tomatoes this year have been super ripe.  I don’t know if this is how ripe they are supposed to be.  Maybe the supermarkets have trained me to think that tomatoes should be kinda hard.  Essentially they all needed to be eaten in a couple of days.  I ate a lot of salads, and I ended up juicing some of them.

8. Swiss Chard – I actually ran out of swiss chard part way through the week for the first time ever.  I found myself hunting in the fridge for something, anything green I could toss in my morning smoothie.  I’ve actually had swiss chard in my garden all summer but haven’t touched it because my farmer has been giving me so much.  Silly me I forgot all about it.

9. Eggplant.  As a rule I don’t like it, it’s the slimy texture, I just can’t stand it.  I’m sure I read an eggplant jerky made in the dehydrator somewhere, now I just gotta find it.

10. Poblano peppers- I probably should have used these to make salsa, but I didn’t have cilantro and I just knew it wouldn’t be the same.  These peppers are still waiting for me.