Community Supported Agriculture Box 2015


A long lovely blog post was written, and then poof! It was gone.

I just got the official CSA 2015 email!  (if you want to learn more about Community Supported Agriculture click here:

This year there are a lot more options, lots of add-ons like flower bouquets, eggs, and extra boxes.  However there are some downsides.  Last year I chose to do a short 16 week season as I was going on vacation and the last few boxes would have gone to waste.  They aren’t offering a short season this year.  This year the regular season is 22 weeks with the option to add-on a 4 week early spring season.  Unfortunately the price has gone up even with the early bird discount.  I’m pretty sure the boxes were $25 each last year and this year they are $32, with the early spring boxes being $30.  Last year it cost me $500, and this year it’s a rather painful $824. Ouch!  Correction, I redid the math, each box was $31 so about the same, but the longer season has sure upped the price.

I’m still going ahead with it though.  Aside from wanting to support my local farmer and wanting to eat as much organic produce as possible, there are other benefits.  I still have onions, garlic, beets, cabbage and half of a squash left from last season.  Although the CSA season was only 16 weeks, I’ve been eating from the stockpile much longer than that.  I’m thinking that a 26 week season should give me enough food for most of the year.  I was telling my friend about the cost this year and fully anticipated her telling me I was crazy.  Nope!  She thought it was great because she benefits too.  I give her the stuff that I don’t like -leeks, eggplant and radicchio!

The first boxes will arrive mid-April which Is still feeling like a long way away.  My plan is to blog each box every Wednesday.  Last season about half of the pictures were pictures that my farmer had posted on Instagram, this year I will not be so lazy and will take my own pictures.  If you want a sneak peak, follow me on Instagram!


Reflection Journal


I like New Years.  I like the idea of new fresh beginnings and reflecting on what I want the next year to bring.  This New Years I was laying on the couch with the flu, feeling like death.  It wasn’t exactly a good time to make optimistic plans.


This week I’ve been thinking about what I want.  At first I thought I wanted to make this the year that I become a runner.  I had lofty goals of doing 10 km runs for fun on the weekend, and I would have thighs didn’t jiggle and abs that rippled.  However, I could quickly see the holes in my plan.  My gym membership is on hold until I feel better, I don’t like running in the cold, rain, heat or hills.  I should be more excited at the start if this is to be my goal.

I know I want to focus on paying off debts this year.  I would like to be able to pay off the bill from my strata as soon as possible.  I think I just need to keep chugging along with what I’m already doing and I’ll get there.

I watched a video about doing a manifesting journal.  I don’t like the name but I liked the premise.  It’s a mix of day planner and gratitude journal.  Each day is started by listing the things that need to be done, and then is the things you hope to get out of doing them.  And then at the end of the day you write what you are thankful or grateful for. I like that it keeps you focused, but also focused on the good things.  I’m not sure that I would keep this up as a daily practice.  In part because I use my phone’s planner and the calendar just isn’t set up in a way to make this easy.  I also don’t really see myself keeping it up.  Maybe weekly, and I think I would call it a reflection journal.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Eco-Friendly Renovation on a Budget?


I bought a 20 year old condo about a year ago.  It hasn’t really been updated since, I have light pink counter tops and white/pink floor tiles.  Actually there are 5 different floor types (tile, hardwood, carpet and 2 different styles of linoleum).  Considering it’s a one bedroom apartment, it really a lot of different floors!  Clearly the condo needs a lot of work to make it more my style.  I need to do it on a shoestring budget and I want to do it in the most eco-friendly way that I can afford.  Of course if money wasn’t an issue this would be so much easier.

My first project is going to be my kitchen.  I have a plan, check back to see how it goes!