Eating on the Cheap: Results!


September was a crazy busy month for me, there was not a lot of time left over for blogging.  I focused my energy on making a bit of extra money to pay off a big bill from my strata.


In the month of September I ate a lot of rice. A lot of rice.  A couple of times I forgot that I was supposed to be eating cheaply, and either spent more than I should have or, I ate out.  I saved up my receipts for the month, and drumroll…. I spent $500 on food.  I went to the states and stocked up on a bunch of food that I haven’t eaten, but I’m counting it anyways, it probably averages out with the food that I had in the house a the start of September.  Now here is the most eye opening thing… 85% of my produce was free because it came from my CSA box. If this is me eating on the cheap, what the fuck have I been spending on a normal month????

Number of times I ate out in September? 9 times. Although it includes a gluten free bakery that I visited daily when I was away for work.  Eating out accounts for 32% of my food budget.  Last weekend I lost my mind and spent about $100 on dinner and drinks downtown, it’s a decision I felt immediately guilty about.

My average food expense per day was $16.  If you had asked me at the start of the month what I thought it was I would have said that I probably spend $5 a day on food.  It’s been eye opening people!

So I thought I was eating as cheaply as possible, I ate a lot of rice, I ate a lot of avocados, I didn’t track my caloric intake at all, and I gained weight this month, a little more than 5 pounds.  I’m not super happy about this.

So what’s the plan for October? I’m doing an extended cleanse leading up to a vacation in Asia.