CSA box week 12


week 12


Another killer box from my farmer.  Beets and onions went into the stock pile.  Tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and onion became fresh salsa which I put on beans, rice and topped with avocado.  The blueberries I was so excited for!  The last time blueberries were in the box I gave that box away because I was on vacation.  They were delish!  I’m always so sad when blueberry season ends, it’s a long wait until they are available again.  Luckily for me I bought 30 pounds of frozen blueberries to get me through the winter.  I had already stocked up on raspberries and bananas and wasn’t sure I could fit it all into my freezer at once.  It wasn’t easy, but eventually it all fit.

packaging up for smoothies.  2 cups per bag

packaging up for smoothies.

My freezer from last month:  40 lbs bananas, 30 lbs blueberries and 10 lbs raspberries

My freezer from last month: 40 lbs bananas, 30 lbs blueberries and 10 lbs raspberries

Back to the CSA box, butter lettuce was such a nice change from the endless red leaf lettuce.  I made lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, avocado sandwiches with gluten free Portuguese buns from the farmers market.  It’s been about 7 years since I’ve sandwich in a bun, gluten-free baked goods have come a long way.  Next week I think I’ll buy some more.  More carrots, some of these I juiced, the rest went into stir fries.  Finally there was kale.  I actually didn’t know what it was!  I thought it might have been some sort of collard, but it’s flat leaf kale.  It seems all I ever see in the stores is curly leaf kale, I figured that just how all kale was.  I chucked it all into my morning smoothie.


Eating on the Cheap


This is so well timed.  The month of September is Vegan Month of Food and Eco-Vegan Gal is doing a video series on how to be vegan on a budget.  (edit: try as I might to only upload the first video in the series, YouTube keeps changing it to a playlist.  It is showing the most recent video uploaded in the series).  Now let’s be honest, my food budget can be stupid, and it needs to be kept in check.  How much do I spend on food a month?  I have no idea, it could be $200 it could be $500 who the hell knows?  I eat primarily vegan, mostly raw low fat, mostly organic and 100% gluten free.  Essentially, I eat an expensive diet.  I’ve been trying to earn more money, but it’s not really working.  Maybe what I really need to do is spend less.


September first I’m changing my diet a bit and see just how cheaply I can eat.  This is what I bought for under $26.00:

IMG_0516Yay for the clearance section!  I got the apples, oranges and cookies 50% off. I’m thinking of making a big pot of chilli and a ton of beans and rice.  I also bought a bag of dried black beans, I have never made beans that weren’t crunchy, but I will figure it out.  It’s so much cheaper to buy dried beans, plus they have less crap on them.   Plus I have the CSA stockpile of potatoes, onions and beets to eat.

CSA Week 11

A massive box this week

A massive box this week

This week my farmer passed me my box and right away I commented how heavy it was!  There are some definite highs and lows here.

1. Leeks.  I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with these.  The last bunch I gave away to my dad and he hasn’t used those ones yet.  He’s not super keen to take more.  Suggestions needed.

2. Zucchini- I added these to the pile of zucchinis from the previous weeks and then realized I gotta start using them!  I spiralized half of them into noodles and made massive salads and I juiced the balance.  Wondering what I mean by spiralized?


I spiralize cucumber, zucchini, and carrots into noodles and either treat them like past noodles or do a noddle salad.  Change the texture of the vegetable and it’s like it’s something completely new and different.

3. Potatoes… added to the stockpile.

4. Gem squash – I haven’t used these, I’m waiting for the weather to cool and then I’ll bake them and then add them to a salad.  I’m not the biggest squash fan, I fear this is the start of many more to come.

5. Corn- again I chowed this down so quickly.  I brought the corn with me to work and was eating it at my 10am coffee break.  My co-workers thought it was weird, but why wait until lunch, it was as sweet as fruit!

6. Beans.  I polished off last week’s yellow beans in record time.  I was at a berry farm on the weekend and saw that they were selling beans for dirt cheap.  I didn’t anticipate that I would be getting more beans, so I bought a massive bag.  Fast forward to mid way through week 12 and I am still trying to eat all these beans.  I should probably have made pickled beans, and will probably regret it later.

7. Tomatoes- All of the tomatoes this year have been super ripe.  I don’t know if this is how ripe they are supposed to be.  Maybe the supermarkets have trained me to think that tomatoes should be kinda hard.  Essentially they all needed to be eaten in a couple of days.  I ate a lot of salads, and I ended up juicing some of them.

8. Swiss Chard – I actually ran out of swiss chard part way through the week for the first time ever.  I found myself hunting in the fridge for something, anything green I could toss in my morning smoothie.  I’ve actually had swiss chard in my garden all summer but haven’t touched it because my farmer has been giving me so much.  Silly me I forgot all about it.

9. Eggplant.  As a rule I don’t like it, it’s the slimy texture, I just can’t stand it.  I’m sure I read an eggplant jerky made in the dehydrator somewhere, now I just gotta find it.

10. Poblano peppers- I probably should have used these to make salsa, but I didn’t have cilantro and I just knew it wouldn’t be the same.  These peppers are still waiting for me.

CSA week 10

My favorite box of the season

My favorite box of the season

It’s been a busy August full of lots of fun things and some changes.  I scheduled a lot of posts way in advance so I could take time to chillout and enjoy without thinking about what I was going to blog.  Today I realized that a post should have hit the blog at 9am today, but I hadn’t written anything.  Apologies lovely readers. 12 hours late I’m sitting in my garden while the hose is rejuvenating my veggie plants after a hot day.

So week 10 of the CSA box was my absolute favorite.

1. Sweet onions- added to my collection of onions.  I won’t be buying onions until the spring I think!

2. Cherry tomatoes- a rainbow of sweetness, red, yellow and purple.  I pretty much ate them with everything, and they didn’t last long.  Each colour had it’s own flavour and consistency.  They yellow was softer and sweeter and the purple were more firm and less juicy.

3. Beets- also added to my crisper of veggies that keep well.  I did toss some of the greens into my morning smoothie but I find they go limp so quickly that I often don’t use them fast enough.

4. Cucumbers and zucchinis- cucumber is one of my favorite things to add to juices.  For some reason this week I just haven’t felt like juicing.  I have pretty much used my juicer every single day for the last 4 years, so this is really unusual for me.  Instead I’ve become obsessed with lemon and cucumber water steeped overnight in the fridge, it’s been the perfect summer drink this year. The zucchinis sat neglected in my fridge until week 11.

5. Carrots- also added to the stockpile and ignored until week 11.

6. Beans- oh man am I in love with beans this year. I’ve been eating them raw and adding them to everything imaginable.  It’s amazing how often people see me eating them raw and comment  that they didn’t know it was a possibility.  Inevitably they grab a bean, taste it and comment that it tastes the same as cooked.  I don’t know why that is a surprise to most people.

7. Cabbage- added to the fridge and ignored until week 12.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  There was a tipping point when I thought I can’t possibly pick-up my CSA box today, my fridge is still full.

8. Corn!!!  Oh my giddy aunt this corn was so freaking good.  It was so sweet and best of all it is GMO-free.



CSA week 9



Honestly that is such a massive box!

More F-ing swiss chard. I cannot begin to tell you how over swiss chard I am. I put 2-3 leafs in my morning smoothie, and I try to make a stir fry once a week to use up the stalks. It’s a losing battle my friends. I finally asked my farmer if there would ever be spinach again? She told me it’s just too hot and it goes to seed too fast. However they just planted some for the fall, so I will have to wait 5 weeks for spinach.

Tomatoes and cilantro and sweet onion?  Sounds like salsa, but I really wish there was a hot pepper in there. I might turn this into a salad dressing type thing.

I’m thrilled to see more garlic, I have big plans to roast you!  I have already been warned that this is it for garlic until next year.  It’s heart breaking news.

So many beets!  I think I’ll just stock pile these for a while and then do a roasted veggie pot with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and what ever else comes along in the box.. squash???  It’s too hot right now and these will keep for a long time.

Zucchini I think I will spiralize and toss in a salad with lettuce, tomato and avocado

Dill, I have no plans for you whatsoever. I dried the last bunch, and I really don’t need anymore dried.  I wish it wasn’t so hot, I might have done some sort of dill, beet, potato, onion dish… maybe I still will.

This week I picked up my box, then went out for dinner and then returned to the farmers market with my sister’s family.  They hadn’t been before and it was fun to see the market through fresh eyes.  I see the vendors every week, so I don’t always go to every booth.  This week I think I talked to every vendor!  I even bought a beet/horseradish tapenade from a vendor I had never spoken to.  It’s delish, and similar to a aussie beet dip my sister brings me from Hong Kong.



CSA week 7


I have to admit that I haven’t eaten this box. I went on a camping trip and gave the entire box to a co-worker since I couldn’t bring any of it with me across the US border.

I was given back the mint and the fava beans. I tossed the mint in some water with some cucumbers and lemons- flavored water on the go. The fava beans I intend to turn into falafels.. eventually.


Also included was blueberries, carrots, fennel, zucchini, golden beets, swiss chard and romaine lettuce.  I’m pretty sure my co-worker is looking at her fridge and thinking what the hell am I going to do with this?  Welcome to my world.


week 7

CSA Week 6

Week 6

photo credit Pitchfork Organic Farm

This weeks box was so freaking heavy!

Potatoes- more… I hadn’t finished off the potatoes from last week.  I gave some away and I’m eating a whack of potatoes as I type this post

Cabbage- it’s huge.  I’ve been adding it to salads, stir fries, pretty much everything this week is topped with cabbage

Parsley- I usually juice this, and if I ever remember to buy more ginger that will be exactly what I do.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone to the store and forgotten the freaking ginger.

Radicchio- I hate this stuff. I gave it away,  The bitterness is just not enjoyable

Swiss Chard- I juice it, toss it in stir fries and smoothies, it seems just when I’ve almost eaten it all BAMM!  there is another bunch in the box.  I really hope it’s not in the next box.  I could use a break.

Garlic- 1 really big head of garlic.  It’s so fresh and juicy.  I’ve been tossing it in everything lately.

Carrots- they are so sweet and tasty.  It’s just a small bunch so I’ve been savoring them.

Zucchini-  I have no plans for these.  I got one or two last week and haven’t touched those either.  I need to come up with a plan soon.

Kale- more kale.  I got advance warning that there will not be any kale next week. I’m hoping for the return of spinach.

Raspberries- not in the picture, but I got one punnet of giant raspberries.  They didn’t last 24 hours in my house, it was a raspberry/banana smoothie breakfast for me!