Exile Bistro



I recently read a review of the Exile Bistro that highlighted all the things I look for: vegan friendly, local, ethically sourced and gluten-free friendly. Normally restaurants stay on my “must-try list” for a while, this one I managed to go to rather quickly.  It’s a small restaurant in the Davie Village, no reservations accepted.  We had a great brunch complete with delicious drinks.


As a gluten-free vegetarian, I tend to not eat brunch since the typical brunch offerings are egg/meat/gluten based.  Exile has some great brunch options, I had an eggless omlet made with chickpea flour, mushrooms, fiddleheads and spinach, it was very tasty but a bit on the heavy side- my fault I added cheese to the dish.  My brunch-mate had a gluten-free breakfast biscuit, mushrooms, kale, baked egg, juniper aioli and a side of boar bacon which apparently was amazing.  Bad blogger behaviour, no pictures were taken of the food.  Sorry!


Drinks: (obviously after the drinks I lost the plot)

Red Margarita – tequila, hibiscus, aloe vera, agave, beet

E3live fizz – lemon, blue-green algae, maple syrup, sparkling water (added vodka to mine)


Staff were great, personable, passionate about the food and very knowledgeable about the menu.  Truly a wonderful atmosphere.


Summary: We plan on coming back for dinner.