Community Supported Agriculture Box 2015


A long lovely blog post was written, and then poof! It was gone.

I just got the official CSA 2015 email!  (if you want to learn more about Community Supported Agriculture click here:

This year there are a lot more options, lots of add-ons like flower bouquets, eggs, and extra boxes.  However there are some downsides.  Last year I chose to do a short 16 week season as I was going on vacation and the last few boxes would have gone to waste.  They aren’t offering a short season this year.  This year the regular season is 22 weeks with the option to add-on a 4 week early spring season.  Unfortunately the price has gone up even with the early bird discount.  I’m pretty sure the boxes were $25 each last year and this year they are $32, with the early spring boxes being $30.  Last year it cost me $500, and this year it’s a rather painful $824. Ouch!  Correction, I redid the math, each box was $31 so about the same, but the longer season has sure upped the price.

I’m still going ahead with it though.  Aside from wanting to support my local farmer and wanting to eat as much organic produce as possible, there are other benefits.  I still have onions, garlic, beets, cabbage and half of a squash left from last season.  Although the CSA season was only 16 weeks, I’ve been eating from the stockpile much longer than that.  I’m thinking that a 26 week season should give me enough food for most of the year.  I was telling my friend about the cost this year and fully anticipated her telling me I was crazy.  Nope!  She thought it was great because she benefits too.  I give her the stuff that I don’t like -leeks, eggplant and radicchio!

The first boxes will arrive mid-April which Is still feeling like a long way away.  My plan is to blog each box every Wednesday.  Last season about half of the pictures were pictures that my farmer had posted on Instagram, this year I will not be so lazy and will take my own pictures.  If you want a sneak peak, follow me on Instagram!


Eating on the Cheap: Results!


September was a crazy busy month for me, there was not a lot of time left over for blogging.  I focused my energy on making a bit of extra money to pay off a big bill from my strata.


In the month of September I ate a lot of rice. A lot of rice.  A couple of times I forgot that I was supposed to be eating cheaply, and either spent more than I should have or, I ate out.  I saved up my receipts for the month, and drumroll…. I spent $500 on food.  I went to the states and stocked up on a bunch of food that I haven’t eaten, but I’m counting it anyways, it probably averages out with the food that I had in the house a the start of September.  Now here is the most eye opening thing… 85% of my produce was free because it came from my CSA box. If this is me eating on the cheap, what the fuck have I been spending on a normal month????

Number of times I ate out in September? 9 times. Although it includes a gluten free bakery that I visited daily when I was away for work.  Eating out accounts for 32% of my food budget.  Last weekend I lost my mind and spent about $100 on dinner and drinks downtown, it’s a decision I felt immediately guilty about.

My average food expense per day was $16.  If you had asked me at the start of the month what I thought it was I would have said that I probably spend $5 a day on food.  It’s been eye opening people!

So I thought I was eating as cheaply as possible, I ate a lot of rice, I ate a lot of avocados, I didn’t track my caloric intake at all, and I gained weight this month, a little more than 5 pounds.  I’m not super happy about this.

So what’s the plan for October? I’m doing an extended cleanse leading up to a vacation in Asia.

Eating on the Cheap … Failure


Day 4 of eating on the cheap.


Confession of a mindless spender.


“I ran to the famers market after work to grab my box before I drove 30 minutes away for a meeting.  I realized I was hungry, with nothing to eat in the car.  I dashed over to the gluten free vendor and bought a $3 scone, and then at the last minute added a $3 muffin. No big deal.  I get to my meeting (held at Starbucks), I order my coffee, I look at my card balance, but I only have $0.60, so I top the card up with $10.”


I spent $16 without even thinking.  Piss poor planning on my part.  I could have munched on the contents of my CSA box, or just packed more food in the morning.  The night before I had a glass of wine and 2 cookies for dinner, so I guess today was a slight nutritional improvement.

Food total for the month $42.25.