Its Come to This


The Vancouver dating scene is tough.  I’m not sure it’s easy anywhere truth be told.  Why pay for a dating site when you can pay for results instead?  This lady has definitely received a lot of publicity lately, who knows if it will actually work for her. I definitely get her frustration with the shitty losers out there.

If you set me up with someone and the two of us go on five successful dinner dates, I will reward you with a personalized prize pack containing a collection of your favourite things as a token of thanks.

If your match and I become engaged, and I am in possession of a diamond ring you will receive the grand prize – a destination vacation package for one.

Destination Vacation Ideas:

  • Includes airfare, travel and accommodation to a destination of your choice (up to maximum value amount)

Given that no incentives are given out until 5 dinner dates have been had she isn’t likely to be spending much on the incentives.  If you haven’t figured it out in a date or two, the 5th date isn’t going to help.


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