One person’s trash is another person’s Visa payment


A few months ago I posted about the “throw it out culture” that has developed.  ( Everyone wants the coolest, newest and best thing, but what happens to the old stuff? My dad is moving and trying to downsize some of their bigger pieces of furniture, but it’s been impossible to find anyone that wants the stuff.  Aren’t there people in need?

I’ve been working on a new project for the last few months.  I’ve been collecting free furniture and refinishing the pieces to re-sell.  I like searching for something worth refinishing and I like transforming something that was unwanted into something that is amazing.  (Okay maybe not amazing, but nice).

IMG_0531This bedside table is far from amazing, but I saw the potential it had.  Since bed bugs are such a problem, I am careful about what I pick-up and from which neighbourhood.  But with a bit of effort, and a friendly email I’ve been quiet lucky to get about 5 pieces which will keep me busy for awhile.  I put on Netflix and spend an hour or so a week sanding and painting.  The end result…

10409386_10154918178995052_623121979410983679_n 10628586_10154918179775052_6063696551564425475_n 10849954_10154918177720052_4966948973713265933_n

A bit of sanding, paint, drawer liner and new knobs and it’s way nicer! Total cost: 33 cents.  The paint I had left over from another project, and the knobs were six for $1.

Earlier this week I posted the finished item on a Facebook auction site and the final bid was $26.  Now I’m not going to get rich off this, but I am $25 closer to paying off my Visa card.  I also get a little satisfaction from knowing that it’s not going into the garbage heap.  I have two more items that will be finished in the next week or so.  Do you want to see them?


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