The Parker

Aquarello Carnaroli Risotto

Aquarello Carnaroli Risotto

I will admit that this post is long long long overdue.  I had some other things that pulled me away.  I have a whole stack of posts in mind, and I promise to get back on schedule.

My sister and I finally made our way to The Parker restaurant last weekend.  It’s been on my list of restaurants to try for months and months and it was worth the wait!  The interior of the restaurant is pretty small and simple in a minimalistic slightly industrial way.  I honestly couldn’t describe it any more than that, I am too absorbed in the pictures of the food.

Confit Potato

Confit Potato

It must be my German-Irish heritage, but I love potatoes.  I hadn’t really eaten them for more than a year but I fell back in love this summer when my CSA box yielded so many.

Heart of Palm

Heart of Palm

I loved the amuse bouche of taro root chip and some sort of dip that reminded me of artichoke dip.  I could have licked the slate clean.  In contrast, the risotto (top picture) I didn’t much care for, but if I’m honest I haven’t tasted a risotto that I loved.

amuse bouche

amuse bouche

Now I must admit that this happened at the end of September which was my eating on the cheap month.  This meal didn’t exactly fit into the budget, but it was a really lovely meal.


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