Eating on the Cheap … Failure


Day 4 of eating on the cheap.


Confession of a mindless spender.


“I ran to the famers market after work to grab my box before I drove 30 minutes away for a meeting.  I realized I was hungry, with nothing to eat in the car.  I dashed over to the gluten free vendor and bought a $3 scone, and then at the last minute added a $3 muffin. No big deal.  I get to my meeting (held at Starbucks), I order my coffee, I look at my card balance, but I only have $0.60, so I top the card up with $10.”


I spent $16 without even thinking.  Piss poor planning on my part.  I could have munched on the contents of my CSA box, or just packed more food in the morning.  The night before I had a glass of wine and 2 cookies for dinner, so I guess today was a slight nutritional improvement.

Food total for the month $42.25.


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