CSA week 10

My favorite box of the season

My favorite box of the season

It’s been a busy August full of lots of fun things and some changes.  I scheduled a lot of posts way in advance so I could take time to chillout and enjoy without thinking about what I was going to blog.  Today I realized that a post should have hit the blog at 9am today, but I hadn’t written anything.  Apologies lovely readers. 12 hours late I’m sitting in my garden while the hose is rejuvenating my veggie plants after a hot day.

So week 10 of the CSA box was my absolute favorite.

1. Sweet onions- added to my collection of onions.  I won’t be buying onions until the spring I think!

2. Cherry tomatoes- a rainbow of sweetness, red, yellow and purple.  I pretty much ate them with everything, and they didn’t last long.  Each colour had it’s own flavour and consistency.  They yellow was softer and sweeter and the purple were more firm and less juicy.

3. Beets- also added to my crisper of veggies that keep well.  I did toss some of the greens into my morning smoothie but I find they go limp so quickly that I often don’t use them fast enough.

4. Cucumbers and zucchinis- cucumber is one of my favorite things to add to juices.  For some reason this week I just haven’t felt like juicing.  I have pretty much used my juicer every single day for the last 4 years, so this is really unusual for me.  Instead I’ve become obsessed with lemon and cucumber water steeped overnight in the fridge, it’s been the perfect summer drink this year. The zucchinis sat neglected in my fridge until week 11.

5. Carrots- also added to the stockpile and ignored until week 11.

6. Beans- oh man am I in love with beans this year. I’ve been eating them raw and adding them to everything imaginable.  It’s amazing how often people see me eating them raw and comment  that they didn’t know it was a possibility.  Inevitably they grab a bean, taste it and comment that it tastes the same as cooked.  I don’t know why that is a surprise to most people.

7. Cabbage- added to the fridge and ignored until week 12.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  There was a tipping point when I thought I can’t possibly pick-up my CSA box today, my fridge is still full.

8. Corn!!!  Oh my giddy aunt this corn was so freaking good.  It was so sweet and best of all it is GMO-free.




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