CSA week 9



Honestly that is such a massive box!

More F-ing swiss chard. I cannot begin to tell you how over swiss chard I am. I put 2-3 leafs in my morning smoothie, and I try to make a stir fry once a week to use up the stalks. It’s a losing battle my friends. I finally asked my farmer if there would ever be spinach again? She told me it’s just too hot and it goes to seed too fast. However they just planted some for the fall, so I will have to wait 5 weeks for spinach.

Tomatoes and cilantro and sweet onion?  Sounds like salsa, but I really wish there was a hot pepper in there. I might turn this into a salad dressing type thing.

I’m thrilled to see more garlic, I have big plans to roast you!  I have already been warned that this is it for garlic until next year.  It’s heart breaking news.

So many beets!  I think I’ll just stock pile these for a while and then do a roasted veggie pot with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and what ever else comes along in the box.. squash???  It’s too hot right now and these will keep for a long time.

Zucchini I think I will spiralize and toss in a salad with lettuce, tomato and avocado

Dill, I have no plans for you whatsoever. I dried the last bunch, and I really don’t need anymore dried.  I wish it wasn’t so hot, I might have done some sort of dill, beet, potato, onion dish… maybe I still will.

This week I picked up my box, then went out for dinner and then returned to the farmers market with my sister’s family.  They hadn’t been before and it was fun to see the market through fresh eyes.  I see the vendors every week, so I don’t always go to every booth.  This week I think I talked to every vendor!  I even bought a beet/horseradish tapenade from a vendor I had never spoken to.  It’s delish, and similar to a aussie beet dip my sister brings me from Hong Kong.




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