Tinderella gone wild


Hilarious! I have thought about doing something like this. This might just be my new favorite blog

realities of the modern single

Online dating can be a vicious place for innocence. You can try to go on with the right intentions and profile description in attempts to repel the kind of advances you don’t want, but even still, women find themselves flabbergasted with perverse messages that can make one question why they seem to be giving off the “ready for the taking” vibe. The viral Straightwhiteboystexting Tumblr page explodes with the reality of how men treat women online. It’s becoming rather predictable. You can be sweet as a Georgia peach with a picture of you singing gospel songs in church and still receive unwanted dick pictures and blow job requests. I decided to do a social experiment with the men on Tinder by reversing the roles after a message I received last week left me bewildered. My profile says explicitly, “No hookups, sorry!” and yet one guy messaged me and before even a “Hi, how are you?” was exchanged, he asked if…

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