What did I do with CSA box week 8?



As I was writing up the post for week 9 I was thinking I should tell you what I did with the last weeks box.  Sometimes what I think I’m going to do is not at all what happens.

I’m pretty sure I told you last week I was bringing this box with me camping.

More red leaf lettuce.  These heads of lettuce are so big, I made a salad for 6 adults and that only used up half of it.  I also tossed in some basil from week 6, some cucumber, roasted garlic from week 6.  Sadly the other half of the lettuce didn’t do well in the cooler and by the time the weekend was over it was time for the compost heap.

I used the carrots and cucumbers in Vietnamese salad rolls, perfect for hot summery weather.  I also tossed the cucumbers into a jug of water overnight with a couple slices of lemon.  I’ve been drinking refreshing cucumber flavoured water at work all week.

The leaks?  Well I admit I had no idea what to do with them.  Co-workers told me to boil them and top them with butter- gross.  I ended up giving to my dad and he was thrilled.

The plums.  I ate one and my niece at one.  My farmer said they were mealy and were best processed into jam or canned immediately.  Since I was camping this wasn’t an option.  These were not as tasty as the plums from my dad’s tree, very mealy. After a weekend in the cooler, they were pretty much smushed.  They went into the compost heap.

The potatoes and onion.  I have a bit of a potato stockpile happening in my fridge, lucky for me they keep well.  These weren’t used at all when camping, instead when I got home I made some hashbrowns with the onion and some celery.

Beans.  Wholly molley is that a lot of beans, good thing I really like beans.  Before I left for camping I oven roasted a whole head of garlic (from the week 6 box) in olive oil.  I then steamed the beans in a mix of roasted garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper- wrapped in tinfoil and placed on the BBQ.  Everyone raved about them, and it was so delish I made it twice.  I then polished off the rest of the beans at work yesterday by dipping them into hummus.



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