CSA Week 6

Week 6

photo credit Pitchfork Organic Farm

This weeks box was so freaking heavy!

Potatoes- more… I hadn’t finished off the potatoes from last week.  I gave some away and I’m eating a whack of potatoes as I type this post

Cabbage- it’s huge.  I’ve been adding it to salads, stir fries, pretty much everything this week is topped with cabbage

Parsley- I usually juice this, and if I ever remember to buy more ginger that will be exactly what I do.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone to the store and forgotten the freaking ginger.

Radicchio- I hate this stuff. I gave it away,  The bitterness is just not enjoyable

Swiss Chard- I juice it, toss it in stir fries and smoothies, it seems just when I’ve almost eaten it all BAMM!  there is another bunch in the box.  I really hope it’s not in the next box.  I could use a break.

Garlic- 1 really big head of garlic.  It’s so fresh and juicy.  I’ve been tossing it in everything lately.

Carrots- they are so sweet and tasty.  It’s just a small bunch so I’ve been savoring them.

Zucchini-  I have no plans for these.  I got one or two last week and haven’t touched those either.  I need to come up with a plan soon.

Kale- more kale.  I got advance warning that there will not be any kale next week. I’m hoping for the return of spinach.

Raspberries- not in the picture, but I got one punnet of giant raspberries.  They didn’t last 24 hours in my house, it was a raspberry/banana smoothie breakfast for me!


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