Thoughts on CSA boxes


5 or 6 weeks in and I feel that I have a pretty good idea of how the CSA box is working for me.  This is what I’ve learned:


I thought that I would be able to completely avoid the grocery store, and my food costs would be very low since I paid for the CSA in the spring.  In a way this is true, I certainly am not buying additional veggies, but I am still buying fruits.  I buy most of my fruit from local farms, and a small bulk fruit reseller.


I need to cook more.  This might sounds strange, you would think that I must cook a lot, but I don’t.  I tend to eat raw foods for much of the day and cook something for dinner.  Smoothies, homemade juices and salads and whole fruits for snacks sums up my food intake until about 5pm.  I tend to not eat traditional dinners.  Hummus and veggies is a typical dinner for me.  Onions, potatoes, shallots, scallions are all things that need to be cooked and I seem to be getting these every week.  There is enough in the box of this sort that I need to cook something every night of the week or else it’s going to build up.


CSA anxiety.  This is what I call the feeling I get about 2 days before my next box pick-up.  I generally look in my fridge and see a lot still in there and wonder how am I going to eat all this? Another box is arriving!  Sometimes I want to eat out, but then feel incredibly guilty because I have a fridge full of greens that need to be eaten.


Share the wealth.  I have been giving produce away to friends, family and co-workers.  They are happy, I am happy to be rid of it.  So far I have given away about half of the onions, lettuce, garlic scapes.


I will do this again.  Overall, I think that I will sign up for next year.  I like that I am eating food that I wouldn’t normally buy organic.  When I compare the contents of my box to the going prices at the farmer’s market I am getting a deal.  Also I think it’s good to eat a variety of produce.  Sometimes I don’t eat as many veggies as I should since I love love love fruit.  If nothing else the CSA has forced me to eat a whole lot of greens.


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