The Acorn


The Acorn is one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver. Reading this post reminds me that their summer menu is out and I haven’t been in months. Soon!

Zed Squared Eats Out

Located in Vancouver BC, there is this lovely little vegetarian place that is actually quite nice!
The ambiance is great, nicely lit with plants inside, the bathroom was clean which is always bonus points.
Service was efficient, welcoming, casual but professional and the staff we interacted with was knowledgable about the food and establishment.

I love beets and when I saw the raw beet ravioli on the menu I was in! Macadamia cheese filling, grapefruit and sorrel and a cider reduction. It’s was great! The beets could have been a little more tender but that was secondary to the flavours; earthy, creamy, sweet, bitter, and the cider cut the richness with a lovely acidity.

My next experience was what was called “hen of the woods”
For those that aren’t fungi fanatics the hen of the woods is a type of mushroom, a little earthy, flavorful with a firm texture. I…

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