CSA Week 5

highs and lows this week

highs and lows this week


~ Yay for spinach! I’m getting bored on swiss chard in my breakfast smoothies

~ Boo for mixed greens.  Mixed greens are not my favorite at all, nothing is worse than limp greens and after a day or two that’s what you’ve got.  I gave them away. I had 1/2 a bag left over from last week, I fed those to my favorite horses.

~ Baby turnips have returned, I chop them up and toss them in salads, I think they would also be good in a salad roll.

~ Beets! I usually juice them, but maybe I’ll boil these and do a cold salad with dill

~ Dill a whole bunch of it.  It’s far more than I will be able to use up, so I’ll probably dehydrate it for later

~Cilantro is not my favorite herb.  Some people love it, others hate it, but I’m indifferent.  I’m going to try to give it away

~Potatoes galore this week.  I don’t eat a lot of potatoes probably because my childhood was filled with them.  Luckily for me they will keep a long time in the fridge.

~ Snow peas have been a tasty addition to salads and stir fries.

~ Zucchinis.  I have come full circle when it comes to zucchinis. Growing up I hated them, then I only liked deep fried zucchini sticks, and then I hated it in all forms.  These days I have learned to love them again.  Turns out zucchinis are far tastier when raw, I still don’t care for the texture of cooked \zucchini.  These will end up spiralized and added into salads.


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