My Problem With Online Dating, and Where I Meet Men Instead


She speaks the truth!

Single Gal Starting Over

I don’t do online dating anymore. I’ve tried. Several times. I’ve done the free sites, the pay sites, the ones that are supposed to be hip and up-and-coming. And I have the same result every time: I waste far too much time sorting through ads and the duds, then communicating with people that have potential and laboring over sounding witty by email, then the phone call to “get to know each other”, then finally meeting in person only to learn…there is no spark.

You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s not just physical attractiveness, that’s not everything. For me, it’s that excitement of seeing someone and thinking “You! I want to get to know you!” It’s the natural flow of conversation, the kind that pops with excitement.

I prefer to be out in public to sort through people, and talk to the ones that strike my interest. I am…

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