CSA Week 4



This week is a tough one for me….



Kale – no spinach again, so this kale will primarily go into my morning smoothie

Swiss Chard – I juice the stems and put the greens in my smoothie

Red Leaf Lettuce- easily my least favorite type of lettuce. I’ll probably give it away

Radishes- the end of radishes for a while

New Potatoes- Thinking a warm potato salad is in my future

Garlic Scapes- I have no clue what I’m going to do with these…

Braising Greens- basically salad mix that has grown a week too long.  I’m thinking I’ll be making a lot of stir fries

Peas- yummers!

Green Onions- sigh…. I really don’t use green onions very often. I’m going to have to give these away.




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