Brush With Bamboo


I’m always looking for a more eco-friendly change that I can make. It occurred to me as I was about to throw out my toothbrush that maybe there is a better option. Over the last 30 years how many toothbrushes have I thrown out? A couple hundred? I spent some time researching other options.

The first one I came across was Source. The handles are made of recycled materials, either wood, flaxseed or paper, but the top part is disposable and made of plastic.  I wasn’t entirely happy with this because it is still a disposable single use product.  It’s a more ecological product, but it’s not that great.


I also considered Terra-dent, which also has a replaceable brush head, but it’s all plastic and I think I can do better.


I was interested in Dr. Du-More’s Oxo-Birodegradable toothbrush, this plastic consists of CO2, water and humus and apparently will breakdown.  I can’t really wrap my head around that, how long does it take?  I was able to find them for sale on Amazon, but I don’t like the look of them, and I’m not prepared to buy 24 toothbrushes at a time….

Dr. Du-More Toothbrush (24 Pieces)

I have finally settled on Brush with Bamboo.  The price was comparable to traditional toothbrushes, and I like that there is no plastic.  The bamboo that they use is renewable and doesn’t impact panda habitat which is something I wouldn’t have thought about.  Although the bristles are made of nylon, the rest is all wood.  There are toothbrushes available with pig hair bristles, but as a vegetarian, I’m not cool with that.  Plus all the reviews I read said that the pigs hair tastes like shit.  The Brush with Bamboo website had lots of suggestions for how the handle can be reused rather than thrown out.  I plan to cut off the brushes and use it as garden markers.



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