CSA?  What is that? 

Community Supported Agriculture.


Here’s the gist: I bought into a farm.


Back in January or February I went to http://www.farmfolkcityfolk.ca/resources/knowledge-pantry/csa/ and found a farmer that fit what I was looking for.  I wanted a pick-up location close to me, that also promised a selection of organic produce.  I finally settled on http://www.pitchforkorganicfarm.com/ With a pick-up location walking distance from my house it was perfect.  I also liked that they had a blog with pictures of each produce box and helpful hints on what to do with the more unusual veggies.  It was reassuring to see that it wasn’t 17 weeks of kale and potatoes!

Thursday I pick up my first box.  It will probably look something like this…..

What’s it cost?


Each CSA sets it’s own price, box delivery schedule and amount of produce in each box.  There is a wide range from a couple big boxes per season to smaller weekly boxes.  This CSA was $500 for 17 boxes with the option to pay more for eggs or for more than 17 weeks.  My general rule of thumb is that any organic produce that is $1/lb or less is a steal.  Over the 17 weeks I will be getting more than 500lbs of stuff, so it’s a steal!  It works out to be much cheaper than Spud’s organic delivery, but you can’t pick and choose.


Sounds cool right?

It’s probably too late to find a CSA, my CSA sold out in April but there might be a few out there with spots left. The investment is used by the farmer to buy seeds, so they usually need the investment early in the year before the growing season has begun.  My farmer is part of a larger farm that sells at many farmers markets.  You can always ask your favorite produce stall if they offer a CSA, or look at the farm city folk website.


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