The Season


Sunny weekends beg for a grande Americano and a farmer’s market.  There is something so satisfying about looking in the eyes of the person that grew my over priced micro-greens.  He brings them to the market on a bike, but we all know he’s probably got a Lamborghini parked a block away.  Being a self confessed food snob, I look around and know that these are my people.  Hipsters in their Ray Bans and dogs; oh how I long to have a dog so I can truly be one of you!

What am I going to find this week?  Please let there be rhubarb!  If there aren’t any gluten-free pies this week I’m going to lose it.  – These are actual thoughts that have floated around my head as I enter the market.


I briefly lived in the Fraser Valley where much of the produce found in Vancouver farmer’s markets is grown.  I was so sadly disappointed to see hardly any produce venders and fewer still who were organic.  I quickly learned how political the large scale agricultural community was.  Big farms have no time for little farmer’s markets.  To fill the void, people were buying cases of conventional produce and were reselling for a profit.  They didn’t grow it, they had a truck deliver it to them.  So although I was in the middle of farm land, it took a lot of effort to get locally grown organic produce.

How awesome to see this in Vancouver!  I started to work towards no longer buying produce at a grocery store or large chain produce store.  I no longer wanted to buy my food from a huge faceless corporation.  So this summer I will be a new adventure, full of restaurant reviews, farmer’s market finds, CSA box hauls and abundance.


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